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Website Intro

If you guys pounding on guys is the kind of sexual orgy that you want, Freshsx will give you the freshest exclusive pictures and videos of hunky dudes taking on each other’s cocks and deep anal penetration you would wish it was yours getting drilled. This site only delivers you the freshest and hottest hunks banging on each other’s back like a real man and gays should be. In this world, real hot guys don’t disdain gays, they actually love them sucking their large dicks and swallowing their cum while their balls are getting the ultimate pleasurable juggles only gays and guys of the same breed can give. So if it’s fresh that you want, you better check out what Freshsx have for you.

Website Layout

Fresh SX is Anglo-Dutch networks that will bring you the freshest European hunkies in your table. They are like those topless European hot male models you see vogue magazine, only you can see them take on each other’s cocks and butts in this male to male sex limbo. It’s like your every dream come into life with these guys who know nothing short of how to the proper way of getting their assess fucked and cocks having a pleasurable blow job. While they are nice to look at having their clothes on, nothing can is comparable than seeing them stark naked and doing hardcore sex and jacking off their thick dicks. Not yet convinced? You should see their website’s features and designs on top of their hot and worth dying for lineup of European male twinks. The site boasts of their 232 collection of videos that lasts up to 15 minutes long each; just enough time for quick masturbation while looking at the guys having orgies. As the site is true of having exclusive videos, some of them are partially protected. However, the best part is, you can easily download everything and have a smooth video streaming. With no pauses, uncensored, and with great high definition quality, these videos are just worth every buck you have. They have a great quality soundtrack and streaming so getting turned by these guys moaning is no question at all. Aside from their awesome videos, they have wide collection of pictures in their 258 galleries that contain 70 pictures each. Now how’s that offer? What if I tell you that they also have extra or bonus sites you can explore on once you become a member? That will just make you click the membership button and finally, make yourself part of the circle. With their good and excellent quality streaming, it will make you love these guys more and more. This gay site updates their content every day and so you are assured that you get fresh and hot gay videos daily. Well, that’s just being true to their websites name: Fresh SX. You are also entertained by the stories they have in the site and so you know it’s not just all fuck and suck, but you surely want to hear their stories to tell. On top of that, you have a chance to know them better as there are also exclusive interviews with them. The site is very interactive as you can get to put ratings on the videos or models you love the most.

Website Content

All of the videos of gays and hunkies in this site, be that solo, paired or groupie, are very erotic and well directed. These are high quality videos with the best and well plotted fuck scenes that have genuine and real penetration going on. Some sites will just give you guys moaning with now video to prove if they are indeed drilling on each other. Well this site makes sure that the camera is focused on the cock sucking and actual deep penetration in the butt. All the British guys are totally hung and natural, fresh and straight from the corners of UK. These are the kind of guys you will only dream of fucking you but now they are actually fucking in each other giving your eyes an orgasm. These gays know no limit when it comes to pleasuring each other with their manhood and cock sucking mouths. Generally, this site is classy and compared to other sites that plainly give you mere guy to guy fucking scenes, well Freshsx is different as it has a story to tell in each of the scenes. They just don’t jump to one another and fuck right away. They build up the tension in the scene by kissing and fumbling on each other like what real fuck buddies do. And you can really see how genuinely enjoyable they are on pleasuring each other like nobody is watching them, though they feel excited if somebody does watch them fuck. These guys build up the scene real nice and slowly at first by oral action and then they would go wilder and faster once they start to be really turned on by the pleasuring. Like girl to girl action, they like rubbing on each other’s smooth skin, especially at the back part where a guy will finally dig himself deep inside his partner’s tight butt. These hunkies can even take on three cocks at the same time, two in the mouth and one at the back side, penetrating simultaneously and getting the best fuck of their time.

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In Few Words

As a fresh site for British gay male to male fuck feast, this site is slowly taking over the niche with all their new and up to date fresh video releases. The quick clips in this site will provide you a teaser of the more action-packed scenes that’s been waiting to be streamed and downloaded. You can see real gay men fucking each other and loving other guys’ cocks. As these are gay men digging on real men, you surely know how to pleasure each other and loving every bit of it. So if you want to join this male to male hardcore fuck action, don’t take second thoughts and make yourself a member of this site now.

How much costs enter the FreshSx site?

  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 6 months $99.95

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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