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FakeHub offers amazing models that will make you so excited.


FakeHub Review

Website Intro

The FakeHub is the main central of a network of sites that offer the visitors a considerable amount of hardcore porn movies, covering some hot fantasies men could have. If you’ve never heard of any of these sites, you probably lived under a rock with no Internet, otherwise it’s quite certain that during the time you spend on the Internet, you’ve come across some of them.

Let’s take a quick look on these sites – Fake Agent: this is the Alpha of this type of sites. The guy claims that he is a modeling agent, and he simply makes the cuties to do all kinds of dirty things for/with him, in exchange for better opportunities. – Fake Agent UK: it’s, as you may guessed, is the sister site of the Fake Agent, the only difference is that the guy here seduces and fucks British girls, who aren’t acting like ladies should.

Female Agent: the spinoff of the other two. It’s the lesbian site in this family, but don’t worry, some well-endowed guys also visit the office of the fake Female Agent. Public Agent: now this is the real deal. The guy on this site waltzes the streets (somewhere in Europe usually) and talks girls into having sex with him in various public, semi-public places. Fake Taxi: you surely met with this type of site, where the guy picks up girls and fucks them for the ride. Fake Cop: the most unrealistic site of the family, where one of the actors is dressed as a cop. Fake Hospital: also a hot fantasy. This page offers you medic or hospital-porn, it’s pretty exciting, just take a look. All content here is exclusive, and there is no chance of seeing them elsewhere, except for promotions and trailers. The sites in the network keep a strict schedule: new video comes twice a week.

Website Layout

The FakeHub has really simple website, with a main menu on the top, featuring the link to the videos, the sites, and the girls. You can also list the Top Rated videos. In tour mode, you can browse the latest scenes and the top rated ones too, but there isn’t much to do, you have to settle to the thumbnails. The inner area looks the same, and there is a basic search engine that can help you narrow down the list.

Every movie is available in an embedded player, which uses Flash. You don’t have to compromise though because the site will let you enjoy the videos in HD. For downloading the videos MOV and WMV are offered, but MPEG-4 may be also obtainable. The files you could save offer different quality settings. The site responds to the mobile browser and it seems to be compatible, though as far as it can be detected it’s not fully optimized. Nevertheless tablets and mobiles won’t have problems with the pages of this site.

Website Content

All girls of the FakeHub are fakers, but not in the bad manner. These girls are all professionals or semi-professionals so the expression ‘fake’ is valid for them too, and in multiple aspects. First, the site claims that these girls are all real amateurs, and the situations they get in are real. However, as soon as their clothes drop the professional pornstar comes out from them, with big moves and loud moans (accompanied by a bit of overplaying).

The second sign that makes the girls fake is the large number of fake breasts appearing in the videos. It’s quite certain that if they were real amateurs they would have natural tits, and maybe the money they get for the video would be used to enlarge them. If you have good eyes, and you know your porn, you will surely recognize some of the models, and as such, you will come to the conclusion that these are really hot professionals and semi-professionals. Apart from the perfectly shaped bodies, the girls are also pretty varied, though in most videos you will see some really hot Caucasians and Latinas. Though they are mostly professionals, you may find some newbies debuting in the videos of this network.

The FakeHub is the main hub where you can reach the content of 8 different reality porn sites. These sites all focus on one major situation, which ends with hardcore sex at one point. Those who like reality porn will certainly like the benefits that the membership offers. Though all of the sites claim that these are fake castings, fake taxis and the like, you will notice that the scenes are staged, and many of them are probably scripted.

There are signs that tell you that this is not accidental porn, everything is organized: the girls are always gorgeous and eager to fuck. The guys (even the so-called cops and cab-driver) are very well-endowed worked-out lads. All girls wear full make-up, and they often don’t wear panties. The lighting is very good, and the videos are always captured in too good quality to be real hidden camera footages. Well, reality porn has its benefits though, and that’s the fact that it turns life-like situations into sex, thus fulfilling some of our fantasies. Since the girls are professionals, you can enjoy some very varied and real hardcore sex in the videos. There will be some acrobatic positions featured, and not just these are varied, the places (especially in the videos of the PublicAgent) are different too.

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In Few Words

The FakeHub is an exciting porn site. Not just because it offers the members access to eight different porn sites, but because of the nature of the videos. The reality-porn is a double-edged style/niche, and if it’s not done properly, it just feels bad no matter how hot the sex is. Each site has its main niche, and fortunately in most cases the folks behind them do it really well, so you won’t be disappointed. The membership on the FakeHub grants you access to more than 1700 scenes, coming from the included sites. In fact, you get eight sites for the price of one.

How much costs enter the FakeHub Network?

  • 2 days at $1.00
  • 1 month at $17.99
  • 3 months at $14.00/month
  • 1 year $5.83/month

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