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EmoSexGfs has a huge collection of amateur porn videos featuring Emo girls.


EmoSexGfs Review

Website Intro

The EmoSexGFs has a good compilation of hardcore scenes, which those would find really hot who have a crush for girls with colored hair and tattoos. As a site with amateur content, the EmoSexGFs is quite hot, and the compilation it offers is really hardcore. This site is more than five years old, and it has been updating since then. Though the content is not dated (there is an ‘x months ago’ notation in use) it seems that they add a video every week. As of now, if you join the EmoSexGFs, you get access to more than 270 scenes. It looks like the picture updates are less frequent, even months can pass between each occasion; currently there are 160+ galleries, mostly containing actual photos. As at all amateur porn sites, the EmoSexGFs offers only non-exclusive content. You might find here videos you’ve already seen, but in fact they are exciting scenes, though they surely won’t leave a deep impression. This compilation is the best for those who have crush on tattooed girls with piercing on their body. The EmoSexGFs is a site of the AllOfGFs. If you join this portal, you automatically gain access to all sites of this network. There are 12 sites included, and each of them focuses on different aspects of girlfriends, and girlfriend-sex. In case you like to browse selected collections, you will certainly appreciate the different sites which focus on ethnic girls: AsianSexGFS, TheIndianPorn, PornLatina and the BlackGFSex. The other sites are not so selective, they offer plain hardcore sex, mixed with some softcore.

Website Layout

The EmoSexGFs has a really nice tour page, where you can find dozens of neat pictures listed. You might notice that they are highly corrected, so the picture quality might not reflect the actual state of the content inside. These photos however are your only sources of preview, so you have to rely on them. The members’ zone is terribly simple. You can see a search field on the top, which has quite basic abilities, and can recognize only usual keywords. However, if you are looking for something specific, you may find it helping. The main menu is in a narrow field, and has only five options: Videos, Albums, Sites, Favorites and Special Offers. These are the main navigational options, in case you are not much of a downloader, you should do well to add to the favorites’ library those scenes that catch your attention, so you can find them much easily. The sites’ page is another important part of the EmoSexGFs which you should visit now and then, because you can reach the extras from there. The length of the videos is quite varied, and they are not too long, so the in-browser access might prove to be a good choice if you don’t really like to use up your hard drive space. Those who prefer to watch videos without depending on their connections’ speed may find the download option to be satisfying enough. For online watching the site provides FLV videos, while for saving it grants MP4s.

Website Content

What makes a girl to be considered as an Emo? The tattoos? Or their make-up and the colored hair? But having their nails polished black is enough? These are question that one might ask when he lands on the site of the EmoSexGFs, because these hide the answer: all of it can be true for an Emo girl. Nowadays, being punk isn’t trendy, just as the Emo-era is over, and most of these cuties have been domesticated into nice chicks… Fortunately, they were crazy enough to shoot some hot photos during their wild era, and while they were at it, they even did some juicy home-made porn for the generations to come. The girls here are all amateurs, and they usually represent the girlfriend-type of the under-20 category, but their age seem to max-out at 25, which is quite hot. These cuties are not just gorgeous, but they have a definite appearance: they wear make-up which makes them look girls of darkness (there are Goth couples in there, not just Emos). You can find here hairs of different color, and in fact some of these hotties have an extravagant look with their nice make-up and weirdly colored hair. The most important thing to know about these chicks, that under the dark clothes and wild behavior they are women. And what do every women need? Sex of course. In these scenes they all get their fair share of orgasm one way or another. As you may already know, these are home-made porn videos, which means that you can peek into the bedroom of some hot couples. Naturally, the videos mostly cover couples doing some nasty sex, and these girls are quite proficient at pleasing their male companion. Though we don’t really know what’s an Emo is, we are certain that they like sex any other music-related subculture of the newer generations. You can expect here everything you could think of: the girls are sucking cock, even do some deepthroat, they ride or get banged from behind, and they even let their asses fucked hard. And the guys are not selfish: they share their girl with their pal, while the luckiest dudes get two chicks on their cock’s end. You can enjoy here a good amount of solo action too, so if you prefer girls-only action, you can have your fun… also the lesbian scenes are quite astonishing: these girls know how to make each other cum.

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In Few Words

The collection here grows steadily, and though the videos are not exactly exclusive, they are quite good to watch, especially if you have a thing for tattooed girls, or you are into this Emo-stuff. Since the chicks are really hot under their clothes, they are good to watch as they get a cock in their pussy and as they get it drilled nicely and hard. As a member, you can enjoy more amateur sex, provided by the sites of the AllOfGFs network, so you can consider yourself lucky, since you get 12 sites’ content of the price of one.

How much costs enter the EmoSexGfs site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.95

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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