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Website Intro

Great HD gay porn site, DaddysAsians gives you the naughty cross-border adventures of a white middle-aged man who’s definitely living the life! You would surely be envious of this man – who calls himself Mike- once you’ve seen how he devours Asian cocks in a variety of naughty encounters. But while he claims that he’s been all around different countries in Asia, traveling and doing what he does best, most of the models that you would see in his videos are Filipinos. These chocolate-skinned models with thick cocks willingly engage in kinky actions with Mike. If you crave to see tight Asian butts getting rammed in full HD, check this one out and you’d surely have a good time.

Website Layout

Mike, our middle-aged daddy, seems to never run out of sexual fantasies. He can play any role and lure gorgeous twinks and even well-built men to his room, or should we say a hotel suite. On the homepage, you would find his latest sexcapades that feature hot Filipino men. Mike can be the doer or the receiver, and he’s also fond of playing the role of cameraman. After a few minutes on the welcome page, you can quickly conclude that this horny daddy is obsessed with chocolate-skinned lovers. It seems that the newer videos in his collection were shot in the Philippines, although there was no confirmation. But if you have a trained eye, you would surely agree.

While DaddysAsians’ collection is enough to give you incredible sexual excitement, there are additional reasons why this one is worth checking out. It is a part of the CJXXX network, a porn production company that currently manages 34 premium gay porn sites. Eight of these sites are dedicated to Asian performers and it is worth noting that DaddysAsians is no doubt one of the best. Perhaps, it’s the overall story and the sheer luck of the man behind this collection that makes it extra special.

Website Content

Old white horny daddy, gorgeous Filipino boys, diverse kinky things, and lots of sloppy blowjobs and bareback sex –these things pretty much sum up what DaddysAsians has in store for you. Of course, the majority of the videos show the main man, Mike, as he talks to several men and asks them for a quick fuck. Although there might be a per-conversation off cam, you would still be interested to find out how Mike would convince these guys to engage in hardcore gay sex, especially those who look firm and straight. Most of the older videos show quick but satisfying xxx encounters. However, you will also find full-length films that mostly involve more than one guy. Even if Mike often goes alone, you would surely credit his effort of delivering the scenes in full HD!

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In Few Words

Traveling to Asian countries is no doubt a dream for many. With fantastic places to visit and diverse cultures to explore, it is not surprising that millions of tourists flock all year round to different Asian destinations. But what if aside from exploring the places, you can also explore its people in the most intimate way? Well, the lucky man behind DaddysAsians collection is proof that it is indeed possible!

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