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CzechAmateurs Review

Website Intro

On the CzechAmateurs, you can find a really hot collection of porn, featuring some gorgeous Czech girls from the amateur section, doing hardcore sex with their boyfriend/husband. The exciting collection of the CzechAmateurs is something you should certainly check, but there is also a lot more to get here. The CzechAmateurs launched in 2012, so you can’t really say that it’s an old site. There are new videos added every week, this way you will remain interested in being a member. It’s also a quite important factor that you can’t find here a couple twice, so it’s a greatly varied collection. The site has more than a hundred scenes for you to watch, and not just their neat quality but their certainly great length will also glue your eyes to the screen… and you haven’t even considered the sex that these couples perform. Since it’s a part of the CzechAV network, the site doesn’t only offer a weekly updated collection for you to browse, but it also grants you some extra. Probably it’s a kind of expected that you gain access to all existing and upcoming sites of this network. Anyway, it’s a big thing, because there are more than 26 sites – or projects, as they call them – included, each covering different niches and feature more and more hot Czech girl. As you browse through the sites’ list (even in tour mode), you will certainly appreciate the variety and the sometimes really nasty nature of these projects: there are reality-porn sites, heavy and dirty group sex scenes, there are public projects, and lots of spycam footages from changing booths, toilets, saunas… and so on.

Website Layout

The tour on the CzechAmateurs is quite short, but very satisfying. You can watch one trailer (damned sexy) and browse through several pages of videos. When you hit the last page, you are done, you should certainly head in. If you found the tour page simple, wait until you get inside. The members’ zone is quite easy to use, and though there are no navigation tools, you won’t have troubles browsing. After you log in, you will see two menu options under the banner: Homepage and Our Projects. The earnest take you to the starting page, where the newest flicks are listed, while the latest lists the Projects/Sites of the CzechAV. The sites are also listed on the home page’s left area. There you can select a site, and select how you would want to list the scenes: most viewed or most recent ones come first. Playing the videos is easy. The Flash-player they provide for in-browser viewing is responsive, and paired up with the neat stream, it’s an exciting experience. However, just as with many other sites, if you take the time, and download the videos, you can have better quality and smoother playback. The CzechAmateurs is a videos-only page, just as most other CzechAV sites.

Website Content

The videos of the CzechAmateurs are greatly varied, and this is simply due to the fact, that every scene features different girls. As you will see there are two things in focus: the gorgeous Czech girls, and the heavy pounding they get. This project from the CzechAV features some stunning beauties, and in case you enjoy watching sex video of hot couples, you might find the collection quite exciting. It’s certain that the girls are amateurs, or at least they are not full-scale professional, and the homely feeling they give simply makes these videos astonishing. Since everything you can see happens in the Czech Republic, you can expect to find here mostly naturals, and as it seems, there are only natural beauties in these videos. Brunettes, blondes and black-haired girls are common, and their different body with the varied sizes and shapes are gorgeous. The videos are all shot by the guys, the boyfriends of the chicks. These lads are looking average, and while some of them are really well-hung, it’s certain that you won’t feel low as you watch their videos – they are everyday guys, with normal sizes. But they know how to use it, and the girls seem to really like it. So, these videos claim to be home made. There is no point in denying, that they are somewhat home-made, but while the real amateur porn features only one intercourse, in these videos you can watch multiple days’ fucking cut into one. Probably the couples were capturing their everyday life on purpose and for cash, but it’s the porn industry – full of cash and opportunities for everyone. No matter what’s the reason behind them, the videos of the CzechAmateurs are amazing. They start normally, and when the couples are not fucking the soul of out each other, they are doing everyday stuff: cook, work, and go to the grocery store. One video even features a girl peeing, and there are surprisingly many public and semi-public sex scenes in there. To make it look like more amateurish, everyone talks on their native language – which is Czech, naturally – and there are subtitles for you to get the drift. This way you can forget the “Fuck, fuck, oh yeah!” exclaims in weird European accent. What happens actually during the intercourses? Well, take a look. It’s usually pussy-pounding, but there are lots of blowjobs, and sometimes the guys have the chance to stuff their uncut cocks into the girls’ ass. You can also enjoy some masturbation and even squirting scenes.

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In Few Words

The CzechAmateurs is a really exciting site. If you don’t particularly have a crush on European girls, you might still enjoy the videos here, because they are quite varied and the sex in them is plain hardcore. Though most of the scenes are shot in PoV, you will have a chance to enjoy as the girls show their amazing body, and as they get drilled in different positions. Those who have a thing for Czech girls will find this site to be an ultimate compilation page… and with the network access, this is also a great deal to get your hands on unique and astonishing hardcore porn.

How much costs enter the CzechAmateurs site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $64.95
  • 6 months $99.95

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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