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CrashPadSeries Review

Website Intro

Great HD fetish porn site, CrashPadSeries is the place to be if you’re craving to see real and passionate sex on your screen. Unlike most commercial porn sites with movies created by professional models and well-written scripts, the erotic films in this porn site were made out of real emotions and lust between men, women, bisexuals, gays, transgenders, lesbians, and more. These models come together in an apartment in San Francisco wherein they unleash their sexual needs without inhibitions. They engage in softcore and hardcore sexual acts for the sole purpose of satisfying themselves and their lovers and not because they need to be paid as porn stars.

Website Layout

This queer porn site is made possible by Shine Louise Houston, an independent film director who has already brought us some of the best queer porn collections on the xxx biz like PinkLabelTV. This time around, she brings us a masterpiece wherein all scenes were shot in one location. There’s an apartment in San Francisco that is fully dedicated to hosting queer parties and every gender is welcome to come and celebrate the beauty of the passionate act.

On the official website, you would easily notice the difference between CrashPadSeries from other commercial xxx sites. The color scheme, layout, design, and organization of content kind of gives off a Netflix vibe. Right away, you can check sexy teasers and get passionately aroused without spending a penny. Wherever you look, may it be a sample video, photo, blog, or news, you can keep your hopes high that you would be delightfully affected by the genuine intimacy.

In terms of browsing, you have nothing to worry about as well because there are enough advanced tools to keep you going swiftly and comfortably. Even if there are almost 1000 scenes to watch, you will never be troubled when it comes to sorting down your option. You are also allowed to personalize your experience by creating your own library and saving your desired content inside this folder. You can also rate the scenes, post your comments and join community discussions on the designated comment section.

Website Content

While it’s true that watching porn models with perfect bodies can bring an incredible amount of sexual satisfaction, nothing beats the feeling of being able to watch normal individuals satisfying their carnal needs most erotically and naturally possible. Well, CrashPadSeries boasts around a thousand scenes that showcase real engagement and emotions from the members of the LGBTQ community. These people have real stories and they do not follow a script, meaning, whatever that will play on your screen had been done out of sheer desire to achieve orgasm and not because they want to satisfy you as a paying viewer!

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In Few Words

CrashPadSeries brands itself as a source of premium xxx movies that would surely burn a hole in your memory. The exclusive content not only aims to give you a quick release but to make you see and understand the real beauty of sex. Each scene springs out from the need to satisfy all kinds of sexual cravings out of real emotions and not based on scripts or need for money.

How much cost enter CrashPadSeries site?

  • 1 month $25.00
  • 3 months $23.33/month
  • 1 year $9.99/month

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