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CoverMyFace Review

Website Intro

CoverMyFace is the place that you want to be if bukkake is something that you enjoy. A lot of hot girls get fucked right before loads of cum gets splashed all over their pretty faces. Started back in May of 2006, this site has managed to keep thousands of facial fans erotically entertained despite the fact that it doesn’t have that much of a collection, to begin with. But the latter doesn’t seem to be a problem considering the fact that there are close to four dozens bonus sites for you once you have registered.

A lot of genitals rub and juices shed all for your entertainment. Once you have signed up, you will get the opportunity to see a lot of pussies and cocks until you get your fill. CoverMyFace also has a very easy to access design as I will shed some light on in a few. And on top of that, the ease of navigation makes a tad easier thanks to the features that the site has in store for its members.

Website Layout

CoverMyFace has a bunch of impressive features that once you have used, you can gain access to all of the sexy videos that are waiting for you on the other side. The photos, about 55+ galleries are all made available in the zip file format. That way, downloading in bulk becomes a piece of cake as it will only involve a number of clicks and you are good to go. The MP4 and the WMV formats are usually good for downloading as they keep the original quality. That way, if you want to see semen dripping from a pussy or a cute face, you won’t get to miss out on any details.

There are close to 42 bonus sites as I hinted above which are filled with related erotic videos that will always leave you enchanted at all times. The searching tool will always be at your disposal. And as such, will help you land all of the hot videos of naked girls on their knees sucking a bunch of cocks while getting their well-shaven pussies sucked or fucked and ejaculated in for your pleasure. Live feeds, stores, as well as vidcaps galleries, will also be at your disposal once you become a member in CoverMyFace.

Website Content

CoverMyFace is that one site that you need to prepare psychologically before getting logged in. And the reason for this is simple – there is too much erotic stimulation going on in here. The girls in here love sex and this is one thing that you could easily judge by their actions. They love it when slippery and meaty cocks get pushed and pulled in their mouths all the way to their throats. They also love it when it comes to pussy fucking and gangbanging, I have to admit that these girls have done so much to outdo their counterparts in other sites.

Some of these hot girls include Rihanna Samuel, Nicole, Deena Daniels and Natalie just to mention a couple. Some love it when the huge cocks get squeezed in between their pussy lips and then get to fuck as hard as possible. Others just want their pussies fucked hard. And afterward, you will surely get your fair share of semen sprayed all over their faces, which is amazing.

All of the hardcore sex is captured in high definition videos and the one thing that you will have to do is sign up and enjoy it all. CoverMyFace, as insinuated above, is all about quality. And just like the women are all sexy, horny and of high quality, the same courtesy is usually extended to the videos. And this is the reason I am confident that you will like them without a doubt. These videos can either be streamed or downloaded – and all this is usually for you to decide depending on whatever you feel floats your boat. With most of them being in high definition, it would be a tad easier for you to enjoy every scene, which is unique, enticing and at the end of the day, titillating.

There is always a brief description that will surely get you to know what’s coming up. You can also get to enjoy some scene preview shots which will further help you decide whether or not you want to watch the video or move on to the next one. In total, there are about 13+ DVDs. But you have nothing to worry about because there are plenty of other bonus sites that will almost always supplement with the number of quality videos. You can also communicate with other members on the commentary box below each video.

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In Few Words

I am always a lover of good sex and sexy facials. And thankfully, CoverMyFace was able to offer me that and so much more. The girls in here are all sexy and do have a special kind of hunger when it comes to the huge, throbbing and obviously veiny cocks. And as such, all of the erotic action that goes down in here will most certainly leave you yearning for so much more. And speaking of yearning for some much more erotic content, there are about 42 bonus sites that you will get the chance to check out in here.

And all this can only happen when you have signed up and become a member. I totally loved the process since it was always easy and straight to the point, therefore saving me a lot of time which I spent on enjoying myself. I also enjoyed plenty of sexual stunts in here. And they ranged from blowjobs, anal all the way to close-up pussy fucking that most certainly got me feeling as though I was on top of the world. The videos in here are all clear and even before you get the chance to read the details on each one of them, you can get to look and see everything that is happening there. Owing to my experience which led me to enjoy seeing those fine naked women getting fucked hard on high-quality videos, I do recommend you find the time to check out CoverMyFace and I promise it will be worth your while.

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