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CollegeRules Review

Website Intro

CollegeRules is one of those websites which every guy loves to watch and it’s the nightmare for any horny girl’s parents. The website is home to some of the hottest user submitted video of girls who do much more than just study. The hottest and wildest girls are shown off on the internet each week and they are given a prize. A lot of fucking and sucking goes on in the website and if you want to experience what the website offers then you need to check out the tour page. If you are not sure if you should be getting a membership then you need to see what the website entails by going through an overview of all of the content on the tour page. These dorm room sex scenes have been brilliantly recorded on high definition cameras; it seems that the website only allows high quality content. The strict levels of content curating means only the best of videos are given the green signal and updated on the website. The strength of the website lies in the fact that the content is of the highest of standards. These women surely do not mind being filmed and it is quite evident. The website caters to a niche category and yet manages to be consistent when it comes to putting out videos every week. These authentic women participate in some amazing true to life scenes that will turn you on in a matter of seconds. You will find some of the most beautiful women you have ever laid your eyes on. The women sometimes have too many drinks to be even in their senses and end up banging multiple guys at the same time. The content is full of amateur girls and the producers do an amazing job of finding hot girls across the globe. There are no fake moments and all of it is real action even if it sounds too good to be true. If you are a fan of amateur porn then this is the place to be. Most of the videos are recorded in parties where the guests get into a lot of action. Considering all of the action is user submitted some of the guys tend to edit out their videos to show off some funny moments and acting. The high levels of hotness are just too much to deal with and you will flip out your dick and start jerking off as soon as you see the women drop their panties to the floor to get fucked by multiple men at the same time. There are some other videos that go off the beaten track as well; there are some videos where dick measuring contests take place at parties. Well, the dicks are not measured by women with scales but with their mouths! It is truly one of the best websites when it comes to the party genre.

Website Layout

The website has a really fancy user interface and the home page is loaded with images of some of the hottest scenes that you can expect from the website. One of the best things about the website is that the user interface is extremely simple and you will have no difficulties browsing through all of the content. The website is updated on a periodic basis and if you want to keep up with all of the content and look out for when the next updates are about to come up, then you need to hit the member’s area. The member’s area has everything you could ask for; it allows you to access all of the content directly from the page. The content is tagged into multiple categories so if there is a certain kind of video that you like then you will be able to get access to all of them by simply using the desired search tags. You can also explore all of the content by filtering through the high quality search filter system that allows you to customize your searches. The videos are not only available in HD, but also 360p and 480p meaning even if you do not have the best of internet connections you will be able to view them in a lower resolution setting. The streaming experience is quite good and you will find no lags even if you run the videos on an older computer. There were no DRM restrictions or download limits in place so it means that you will have unlimited access to all of the content and also get the entire library of content onto your hard drive without any consequences.

Website Content

When it comes to the content itself, the galleries are comprehensive and you will find up to 300 images in each of them. The quality of content is just amazing despite being tagged as amateur. The women are extremely hot and you will find some of the hottest white women who are willing to get as much dick as possible without any inhibitions. These girls at CollegeRules just want some hardcore fucking, and that is exactly what you get. The intense action will blow your mind and the experience that the website offers is just amazing. Combined with the amazing user experience and frequent updates with high quality content there is not much that leaves to be desired at the website. The women have a lot of variance and you will find not only white girls but also women of other descent who want to get into all of the intense fucking action themselves. These seemingly good girls surely know how to get naughty with the right group.

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In Few Words

The content quality is just too good to pass on and if you are a fan of hot women which do a lot more than just study in their dorm rooms then this is the website to be in. If you are a fan of such action then you should head to the website immediately and get a membership. The sex tapes are just amazing and you should definitely miss out on the website’s membership if user submitted amateur content is your thing.

How much costs enter the CollegeRules site?

  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 1 year $7.49/month

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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