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Website Intro

CFNM shows clothed females and nude males. They are really hot and you will witness nasty and wild stuff happening behind the camera. The males here face a lot of embarrassment, much of it very erotic. The scenes habitually encompass females embarrassing and taking advantage of blokes at their fantasy. There is fondling of dicks, hand jobs, and sucking. All through the females remain scantily dressed.

Website Layout

The site design is amazing and pretty simple to handle. Roaming through is a breeze because navigating around the site is very simple. I did not face any problem while trying to maneuver from one section to the other. They have placed sorting tools as well as search functions and that is a plus. The advanced search engine does and impeccable work linking the site to another site that offers similar content to what they are offering here. There are no DRM restrictions, so one can download as many flicks as they wish. Films can be downloaded in either MP4s or WMVs. The WMV typically displays clearly on wide screens, while MPEG4 formats do well on portable devices. Images can as well be saved in external storage devices for later viewing. Nonetheless, one can just save a single pic at a time. Users have also the alternative to view the pics online.

Website Content

If it turns into a female’s territory in the living room or the bedroom, then things are going to get really exciting for the woman and somewhat not friendly for the man. As they sway and wave their mini-skirts as well as low-cut blouses in the view of males, obviously those dicks are going to get stiff and they need to be brought down. However, initially, they have to excite the ladies. That is the place where CFNM chips in. Picture yourself being that single man in an enclosure filled with clothed women. And all of them teasing and provoking you in manners that will make you have a hard-on and get somewhat submissive concurrently since you are going to be the naked man who all eyes, lips, and arms will be looking. You will get the sloppy blowjobs and greater things you wished to have, however, that the same instant it will come in the mode of your dishabille being the center. They never strip their clothes and you have to let your shyness fall to the shoulder, letting them take over the shaft of pornographic, fetish packed delight.

These stills at CFNM are periodic and the follow in detail the tale as it develops. I must add that the pictures display from 800 x 600 at justly great amateur quality to 1100 x 618, which is a good dimension. The pics are good to look at. Upon entering, I got the feeling of a dreadfully massive platform comprising of plenty of episodes. Everything is original and unique to the site. Expect fresh content every 3 to 7 days. There are uploading tons and tons of images.  I did count plenty of updates, but each is only a section of a complete scene. A number of full scenes are coming in 2 sections. Each update presents 50 to more than 100 stills. Others are split into 10 or even 30 updates. There are 300 updates, and it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 plus updates to finish up the most recent episodes.

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In Few Words

In conclusion, CFNM has a fascinating idea. Subjectively, I am no fan of clothed porn. Nonetheless, this platform was kinky enough to sweep me off my feet. Well, besides the amazingly frequent update periods. The porn is awesome, dudes are cute, with incredible scenarios. They also have a forum where users submit their individual content. With all these entities, I assume CFNM is a platform which you cannot miss visiting.

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  • 1 month $34.95

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