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ButtMan Review

Website Intro

Batman is a superhero with a genius intellect and trained for combat in the plight for fighting crimes and injustices, but the superhero we will be introducing for today has trained hard dicks who are also trained in the area of grabbing and fucking wet pussies and anus in the search for justice against disappointing orgasms. It’s been proved that there are plenty of ways where you can take pleasure of. Aside from the regular sex and the usual blowjobs we see in porn, anal sex is also a popular scheme in the porn industry. Some people who haven’t tried it yet says the normal sex is better. But from the testimonies of those who tried says that they’ve reached the full extent of orgasm through anal sex. Running for almost 25 years, ButtMan is truly the home of hardcore anal sex around the globe. Anal stimulation in itself has several huge positive effects. It’s a fact that anal sex doubles the satisfaction of orgasm, but it’s also a fact that only half of the world experiences this. In ButtMan, the world’s greatest anal sex experiences you can ever imagine are all in. It is directed by the king and godfather of hardcore gonzo porno, John “Buttman” Stagliano surely made this site as creative as it can ever be. As one of the most successful American porn figures, Stagliano never failed to give his fans the ultimate sex experience they can ever watch. He is the most famous movie producer and director when it comes to creating anal sex films, which people loved throughout time. There are plenty of ways in reaching orgasm, but soon enough the human race will get tired of these same old ways. Of course, the normal sex is classic and will never get old in their own ways but there are some days when it’s just boring. That’s why there are unique ways which people have explored – particularly the anal sex.

Website Layout

This is a member-only site where members can enjoy unlimited features and treats from ButtMan. With its membership account, you can stream and download high definition videos and access its full fetish archive. There are plenty of categories to choose from, like huge dildo porn, anal porn movies, big gaping asses, and it bubble baths. These videos are extremely hardcore porn flicks that are suitable for people who are up to watching some tough loving. These are all high definition videos with multiple network scene and picture updates which makes the viewing experience authentic.

Website Content

In ButtMan, the girls are not just lovely but they are also intense. Viewers have not seen any other girls who can do whatever you want from them from other websites. They adore inserting huge dildos into their wet asses while playing along their pussies. Some girls are conventional but these girls want more. The more sex toys there are, the better the sexperience is. John Stagliano is really playful with these girls. Isn’t it more fun to have sex with adult toys you can use in making your partner feel more pleasure? Gone were the days when anal used to be taboo and engaging in such were only made to make their man feel better. These women are now claiming that they actually like orgasms from anal sex. It makes them more adventurous and more comfortable with their bodies. Girls in ButtMan are no different in a way. Somehow they are just ordinary girls who want to have sex in ways that are not conventional. With the use of sex toys, vibrators, clamps and many others, they are able to experience a whole level of orgasm. Sex toys are actually good because they provide variations which you can use in having sex. With the use of sex toys or even a little fingering or rubbing of the clit, anal sex would be a wonderful experience for the girls. Hennessy for example, reveals her pretty titties in one of her videos with Stagliano. Hennessy is a type of girl who spreads her ass cheeks willingly, waiting for her but plug. She sucks the second toy, producing a gag spit. A big dildo stuffs her for an all-glass double penetration. She cleared plug up her butt and masturbates on the floor. Feeling hot already? All the girls on the website have perfect bodies, perky breasts, and tight pussies. You’ll even wonder how they are able to handle huge dicks. Well clearly, they are the bunch of talented girls in the industry who knows what they’re doing in this field. One of the things that this site takes pride of is that Stagliano is very on-hand when it comes to directing – turning out to be even a cast of his own films. Being a former porn star, he is also featured in some of the videos and movies of the site. The online videos are also extraordinary. They’ve brought role-playing in a whole new level, with lots of scenarios to choose from. The scenes are all exclusive and are originally by website. All the big dicks and tits are all in from mouth to asses. The milkshake and squirting coming out are like the rainfall. Before ButtMan, sex is just pleasurable, but now, this website serves as a dimension of sex experience where there’s a waterfall of orgasms. The models in each video are fearless in trying out various phallic paraphernalia into their vaginas and on their nipples. They are bold in finding out what human body is capable of in the name of pleasure. Aside from the incredible talent and characteristic of these daring ladies, they’re amazingly lovely and beautiful. They have perfect curves from breast to their waist, and asses so firm that you would want to insert your dick into. What’s even more interesting are the clips and earrings in the most exclusive and intimate parts of these girls. All that these girls want is to bring the greatest porn flick you can ever imagine. Are you ready to give them a chance?

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In Few Words

Buttman is the official site of the Father of Gonzo Porn. The site recognizes the urge of every porn lover to skip the storyline and go directly with the wild sexcapade. People are sometimes eager to witness the climax that’s why it’s always available to the rescue for the immediate sexual urges. So you better hurry and subscribe as a member to take advantage of the different packages and special member-only features of ButtMan.

How much costs enter the ButtMan site?

  • 3 days $2.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $22.98/month
  • 1 year $7.95 month

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