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BottomGames Review

Website Intro

Awesome HD gay porn site, BottomGames gives you hot males who are into gay sex. But unlike other porn sites where you can easily guess who is going to the bottom and who ends up topping, the gorgeous guys in this community like to challenge each other first. They often decide who takes the upper hand by doing arm wrestling, planks, or wall squats. The one who wins can request anything he wants. The games are exciting and you will surely enjoy guessing who would take the bottom and top roles. Be observant though, because even the more muscular guys sometimes lose in the deciding games.

Website Layout

The official website of BottomGames is amazingly refreshing. Even if it has a dominant black background and a simple layout, you wouldn’t find it boring. The crystal-clear scenes of sexy men challenging each other in a variety of situations and then eventually fucking each other in extravagant bedrooms are really something worth watching. The great contrast between colors is soothing. But of course, it also helps that the site employs an impressive roster of gay porn models.

Pretty much, you can find all the intuitive features that Say Uncle Network uses on its websites on BottomGames. It’s one of the newest offerings of this credible gay porn studio, so don’t expect to find tons of scenes at the moment. However, rest assured that you will find browsing this site worthwhile because of its amazing content presentation and features. There are video previews, photos, titles, descriptions, tags, and other tools for customizing your experience. You wouldn’t get confused or lost because there are enough information and visuals wherever you go.

Website Content

Fun games and hardcore gay sex –could there be something better than how the gorgeous performers spend their time at BottomGames’ studio? It might be a simple twist but it is certainly a fresh approach to gay porn production. The models who often top their gay lovers do not know their fate. They have to get their anal holes ready at all times because they don’t know when they would run out of luck or strength in the games. Surely, you would feel excited to guess whether the likes of Drew Dixon, Ace Quinn, Jax Thirio, Michael Boston, Ethan Chase, and Benjamin Blue would end up spreading their legs for lesser-known performers. Aside from the creative challenges, you will also enjoy nasty oral sex and bareback threesomes. There are even interracial scenes!

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In Few Words

If you are an avid fan of gay porn, surely you can easily identify performers who always take the bottom. To make things interesting, the creators of BottomGames have decided to put up some challenges. The performers do not get to choose their roles –they have to prove their strengths and stamina first. The rules of engagement are clear; the winner gets to do whatever he wants. If you are up for this kind of twist, you better check this site right away as you might be losing a massive dose of gay entertainment!

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  • 1 month $0.99/day
  • 3 months $0.78/day
  • 6 months $0.55/day

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