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BonkMyAsian Review

Website Intro

Are you fond of Asian porn? Why do you enjoy watching Asian porn? Is it the way their ladies look? Or is the way they carry themselves? How about their style of creating porn videos? Or their special genres? Yes, we also love watching Asian porn and for the different reasons that we have already mentioned above. First, we love the ladies. All of them are so cute, and we find their bodies well-proportioned and fresh. Their skin looks like smooth porcelain too, so that is definitely a plus. We also like the way they present themselves. Have you ever noticed while watching most of their porn videos, that a lot of them carry themselves in a fragile way? As if the men totally overpower them and that they would not even resist even if they want to? However, we almost always see that all of them are just in denial because the fact is, they really do enjoy getting fucked hard. We also like the fact that they have a special angle when shooting porn videos. Based on our experience of taking a look at different porn sites, we have learned that the Japanese do have a certain way of angling their shots – and it is quite different from the way the Westerners do. And finally, we love that they have special genres like cosplay and hentai as these porn categories are exclusive to Asian porn, more specifically Japanese. But it is not only the Japanese that we are fond of when watching Asian porn. We also love seeing the exotic beauty of Southeast Asians, like Filipinas and Thais. They look like orchids, ready to be plucked and fucked. In this light, we have devoted some time into finding a good Asian porn site. We have noticed that a lot of Asian porn sites usually focus oriental women alone (more specifically, Chinese and Japanese). We would love an Asian porn site that is complete, though, something that would present even the other types of Asian beauties. If you are seeking the same thing, then don’t worry because we found one. And this is the reason why we are really proud to review this porn site today because we believe that it is the perfect Asian porn site that we are looking for – presenting the different beauties and flavors of Asia and not just focusing on a certain Asian look and country. This porn site is called BonkMyAsian. What’s more is that BonkMyAsian is part of a network that offers more Asian porn sites. In fact, they have given them websites on their own. They have Bonk My Filipina, Bonk My Thai, Bonk My Indian, and Bonk My Japanese, just to name a few. There are other porn sites included in their network as they have twelve different Bonk porn sites in all, with two other sites still under construction – so this is definitely something to be excited about. If you are already interested in joining the porn site, then you may already sign-up for it. Membership is easy and it only comes in one amount, so it is really not that difficult to decide whether or not you would like to join. Also, keep in mind that you will also gain access to the other porn sites within the network as well.

Website Layout

One of the first impressions that we have felt upon landing on the homepage of this porn site is that our stay on this site is going to be so much fun because that is what the porn site looks to us. It looks fun and energetic. The colors that were chosen as accents on the site, and as graphic elements on its wide welcome banner are all bright – focusing more on yellows and oranges. Speaking of the banner, it is made up of a montage of the different porn stars that they have in the network along with the porn site’s logo. Just by looking at the banner alone, you will already get the idea that the Asian girls that they are going to feature are varied coming from different parts of the continent and that’s good. Scrolling down, you are already going to see the thumbnails of their latest videos. We love how big the thumbnails are, you can already see the quality of the resolution of their videos just by judging on the images that you see on the thumbnails alone. And this is important because BonkMyAsian is actually an amateur porn submission site. Having said that, the quality of their porn videos may vary from video to video but these big thumbnails would help you select the scenes that you want to see. These thumbnails are also pretty simple. They have limited information on them. In fact, they don’t even have any titles. They just contain the number of views that they have already received along with a five point rating.

Website Content

As for the girls, all we can say is that we certainly can see that they have strict requirements for video submission because all of the girls here are incredibly pretty. We know that other amateur porn submission sites would upload videos with slightly ugly girls on them, but on BonkMyAsian, you are not going to see that. Every video will include a really hot chick, that’s for certain. We also love that it is an amateur porn submission site because this means that we are going to see a lot more girls here compared to other premium porn sites that are not amateur ones because these sites already have a specific set of regular porn stars. On amateur porn, on the other hand, you will seldom see a repeat of girls and a new video almost always star a different girl. We love that about amateur porn because each video is a pleasant surprise.

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In Few Words

To conclude this review, if you are looking for a porn site that would feature the different flavors of Asia, then this is the porn site for you. We hope that you enjoy your stay here as much as we did. Have fun!

How much costs enter the BonkMyAsian site?

  • 1 month $29.90

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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