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AnalPetite Review

Website Intro

What is it about a woman’s behind that makes it so irresistible? We have to admit that every time a hot chick passes by, our eyes are glued to that chick’s ass, following it with our gaze as if we are looking at a hunting target walking freely in the open. How we wish we can shoot that juicy piece of meat with our rock hard manhood gun, pounding it until we’ve had our fill. What makes it more desiring and intriguing is the fact that anal penetration is quite unusual and forbidden by many. Well, fuck them! Fuck what they think! Why does everyone have to be such a dick? We just want some of that delectable goodness to satisfy our craving. We may just have found the perfect site!

This porn site gives us exactly what we are looking for and even more! They are not just some nasty and dirty butt holes but they are also from smoking hot and, definitely the most important, TIGHT women! Imagine how tight it would be to fuck those fresh vixens with your raging hard cocks. Just the thought of it is enough to send us to isolation (in your room or, in my case, in the bathroom) so we could unleash the kraken in our pants and fulfill its wish to release its sticky milky white substance all over the place! I am pretty much sure that you would do the same. Just visit the site once and the rest will just happen like jigsaw puzzles falling into place on its own. Your fapping experience will never be the same again!

Website Layout

One thing I love about this site, aside from the women and their tight fuck holes, would be its user friendliness. The videos are lined up nicely and neatly. And not only that. These videos are all in high definition so ready your eyes to feast upon these ladies’ tight asses getting torn apart (not literally because that would be uncomfortable). As you navigate in this porn site, you will notice the undeniable simplicity of their web design which makes your browsing feel easy breezy as you check and find worthy photo sets and videos. Their videos are all in high resolution which makes you see every movement clearly and vividly to the last detail. Their videos also indicate the duration of the film and their porn film titles are also captivating since it sometimes mentions the name of the porn star and what to expect.

Their photos come in set and are all in high quality. You can also download the photo sets in a zip format which is very handy when you love to download it in bulk. Signing up and registering as a member is made easy as well as you are given the option to choose whether you would like a trial pack or a longer subscription time. You don’t need to register every month and type in all your necessary info all over again. And of course, I almost forgot to mention that the longer subscription time you get, the better their deals get! It can’t get any better than this! You will surely enjoy the money you have paid until the last drop of penny.

Website Content

Here we are in my most favorite reason why I am captivated by this porn site. It’s the scorching hot women and their nasty tight fuck holes which would surely give your anticipating stone hard wieners some good lovin! I have to warn you that these ladies are like siphons because they would not let you stop until you have exhausted the last drop of your sticky milky stuff. You will surely not get bored with this site since there are girls of different race from blondes, brunettes, black women, Latinas, Europeans, and even Asians! And all of them have nasty juicy tight fuck holes which they spread willingly for you to give you the best fapping experience of your life! You will surely not get enough of these awesome masterpieces as you will be thinking about them all day long, even in your dreams! Be prepared to wash and change your bed sheets frequently now (haha)! You might even want to buy a new set of draws and find a new buddy of a fapping sock because your massive boner will surely destroy them and wear them off almost easily like tearing off a piece of paper.

But you know what, all the things I mentioned above would be meaningless if they are not showcased in high quality videos with shots positioned in the best angle you can ever ask. It’s like having a premium VIP seat and you are watching them cum alive in your screen as your favorite woman’s very tight ass gets stretched, ravaged and pounded really hard with a raging hard, lucky cock. Fuck! How you wish it was you doing the deed! The videos are so vivid and clear, it’s as if you are looking through a window and it almost seems like you can touch the gorgeous ladies in areas you want to fondle. Even the juices dripping all over from their tight fuck holes, their newly shaved pussies, and of course, their tight holes of pleasure getting stretched are caught by the camera clearly to the last detail.

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In Few Words

Having said all the things I mentioned above, I consider this site one of my favorites. I can confidently give this site a rating of 10 out of 10, a very high score, I must say, since I am very critical when it comes to porn sites. Aside from the ladies’ tight butt holes, I also like that they have role playing videos to add a little flavor to your alone time. They also have videos of threesomes, orgies, etc. if you want to watch these cute women’s tight asses almost getting ripped by hungry cocks at the same time. All you need to do is sign up and register as a member and you will be able to fully enjoy what this site has to offer.

How much costs enter AnalPetite site?

  • 1 day FREE
  • 1 month $27.95
  •  3 months $19.98/month
  • 1 year $9.95/month

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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