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AmateurPornHunt Review

Website Intro

Well if I had to choose between hardcore porn professional hardcore woman and an unexperienced, sexy hot girl who doesn’t even know what to do on camera, I guess I’d go for the latter. You see, porn is just porn until it becomes sex. So if fans love amateur porn so much, why not just start a hardcore fucking site that’s full of girls that might not even had anals yet. That idea would be genius right? Well I guess all it takes is for Amateurpornhunt to finally make its appearance. Yes, it is everything you’ve ever imagined an amateur porn site would be.

This site holds, so far, the largest collection of amateur porn in the entire porn world and also lots of bonus content and other stuff as well. If you think you’ve seen the best Japanese amateur porn already. Well you’re gravely and deathly mistaken. This site’s gonna kill you with amateur girls that aren’t even sure yet about what they’re supposed to do once the camera starts rolling. Yep. That’s how dumb they are. But the show starts when they start blow jobbing and get a large cock inside their pussies. These girls are also fond of fucking in scenic places. And their uniforms match the places as well. They could wear working uniform, beach wears, studying uniforms, all kinds that may have some relations to their past lives. But hey, its amateur porn, anything can happen. So let’s see what’s really inside this awesome site.

Website Layout

In light of cuteness and charm, the site has decided to arm its fashion sense with fuchsia pink as the color scheme. Well it totally suits the cover pic I can tell you that. The cover picture is filled with girls wearing torn uniforms and swim suits and just showing off their untouched bodies. And in the middle of this cover picture, you find a girl getting acquainted with a giant cock about to enter the gates. Now that’s a sight to behold my friends.

Now, why don’t we check out for a minute, the girls that are being featured here as one of the most popular shall we? So here we have an Irena and Ophelia. Man these girls are super-hot. Just look at those ass and body man. Their eyes are also as beautiful as a dove. Man, can’t wait to see these girls getting down and hardcore with the guys. We also have here, on the number one spot right now, we got Ana. Now Ana’s an overconfident girl here who thinks she’s got enough experience with her second rate nerd boyfriend from the institution. But I guess these girls needs to grow up now. So yeah, one good gang bang for Ana should do the trick. And maybe let her boyfriend watch while they’re at it (yeah, this site has those types of scenes).

Gearing up next is our Archived Content page. You see, not everything’s that is featured is always the best. There are sometimes those other girls that have been fucked and drilled but are not that visible at the homepage. You can see all those hidden legends at the Archived Content page because here, all the videos from this site are gathered. So arrange them alphabetically, by porn star, by ratings or by popularity. It’s up to you until you find those hidden wonders you’ve been looking for. You can even do a keyword search if you want to get straighter to the point. Basically it’s a large storage of all their porn sites, and unbelievably, they haven’t erased a single video since the website started. So you can watch all videos even the very first one that was uploaded.

But a porn site is just a porn site until it has more than just videos right? Well this site has more than just videos, in fact once you’re an honorary member you get to have 12 sites for free! Yes, dude! 12 sites from the Pimp Passport Network. Now I don’t know if you’ve heard this, but Pimp Passport Network is said to be very good when it comes to amateur porn, girl to girl sex scenes, Asians, and even some girlfriend scenes. So be ready to get those nights’ fellas. As for the Live cam feature, this site is solid. Who wouldn’t want to see an amateur have her first live cam right? It’s just perfect!

Website Content

Now if you want me to describe the girls in one word, well there’s only one thing I can say… “unprepared”. Well I don’t know about them, but for us watchers, unprepared amateurs might just be the best thing to ever happen. But man, these girls come from all over the planet I tell you. There are Asians, Latinas, Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads, Big tits, Euro sluts, even a wide variety of girls doing softcore and hardcore action all together! Including our all-time favorite threesomes and facials and girl to girl action as well.

The video quality also greatly compliments the content. The quality may just be the highest when it comes to resolution. I’m not joking there. 4200p resolution is the highest res any computer or television can get today. But if you want to have simple resolutions, you can go for the 1000p flash resolutions. Oh yeah, I’m talking about download by the way guys. That’s right, four different formats with unlimited download capabilities. So if you’re planning to watch alone tonight somewhere distant, then you can just download all of it.

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In Few Words

After seeing everything Amateurpornhunt could offer, I’d say it’s a winning deal for us gentlemen. It’s so rare to find a site that holds quality content and still able to give away free sites, that’s just unreal but there it is. The website design is cute as well. Nothing short of high quality for the navigation system. All of it is nicely optimized. It’s an easy 10 points from me. No less from a site that torments sexy rookies on their first day!

How much costs enter AmateurPornHunt site?

  • 2 days for $1.00
  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.95

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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