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AllJapanesePass Review

Website Intro

The AllJapanesePass is a network of porn sites, and this is the main hub of this family. The sites within the network and the AllJapanesePass itself are offering the visitors authentic Japanese adult videos, with amazing Japanese AV Idols, and heavy hardcore sex. This site and this particular network are suitable for those who are looking for Japanese girls and some kinky sex. The site, the AllJapanesePass was launched in 2010, so it’s just a five years old site, and thus it could be still considered as a new site. Interestingly this wasn’t the first site of the network, as you would expect from a flagship site, some of the sub-sites are older than this. However, today the AllJapanesePass is the hub of the network. The network consists of 22 sites, and they are all included in your membership. Good news is that when you take a look at the number of scenes, you can see that each site has its own collection, so you can add them to the video collection’s size at AllJapanesePass, and thus you can get the picture about how high is the pile of bonuses is. Among the network sites, you can see all important and popular porn niches featured, but the videos that you get access to are all covering a wide range of the kinkier porn niches, including some bits of fetish and taboo. There are sites offering you videos with fresh girls or MILFs, there are big tits and some perkier ones, you can find anal sex, BDSM and cosplay too. There are some heavy hardcore porn scenes to, where the girls are getting stimulated with different methods, and if you’ve ever heard of Japanese porn, you should know what to expect. The exclusivity of the content is not easy to depict, the site doesn’t offer any information about it. The scenes are usually coming from DVDs, so it might be safe to assume that these are original Japanese DVDs, and so the content is exclusive, since the videos are not made for online viewing, and they can’t be found on other Japanese themed sites.

Website Layout

The tour page of the AllJapanesePass looks really good, and it works very well. The layout is easy to learn, and if you get to know it, you can see for yourself, that it’s logically build, and good to navigate. On the top of the page, you can always find the menu, which can help you to get home. Apart from the home option, you may find here a lot more navigation options, and while you are here, you could try them out. As for the rest of the page, it’s just like you could expect from a tour: there is a list of the top rated scenes, the highest rated DVDs, and there is a compilation of some other hot videos. Each video is represented by thumbnails, which all serve as links to the actual video. The menu on the top offers you the opportunity, to browse through the videos, the pictures and the DVDs. There are also some options for listing the AV Idols, and the categories of the videos. If you click on the ‘…’ button, you can see some other menu options too, just as network (sites’ list), tags, why us (benefits) and some others. The members’ zone of the AllJapanesePass is very similar to the tour page. The menu is still at a good place, but above it, you can see the search bar, which offers you the chance to scan through the database, and you can choose the media you want to scan too. You can also find the categories tags inside, so that can help you to list only those scenes that you are interested in. The videos on the AllJapanesePass could be downloaded or viewed online. If you choose to save the scenes, you will see that it’s a somewhat better option than the online watching, since it offers better resolutions, and you can enjoy some very nice full-HD videos too. The in-browser access should prove to be a good choice for those who like to watch videos without waiting. Most of the scenes (but not all) have photo galleries attached, and there are some standalone sets too, that are not coming with videos. The pictures can be enlarged to full screen in the browser, and you can also save them as zip files.

Website Content

The AllJapanesePass has a huge database of videos and of models. Right now, you can find 2963 different AV Idols in 29786 scenes. The number of models and the scenes is in connection, since the flicks are taken from the DVDs of the girls and some of them made multiple movies. The girls are varied, you can find among them so called ‘mature’ AV Idols, who are not old or something, they just reached the peak of the AV Idols’ cycle, and they stayed in this business, so they are doing nastier, heavier things. You can find huge number (over 2000) of amateur-like girls, who are just trying their wings in this business. The videos are scripted, and if you want, you can watch the whole DVDs, and enjoy not just the good sex, but the stories too. Pay attention to the videos’ length though, since some of them are only an hour long, but there is a big number of DVDS lasting for more than 2 or 3 hours.

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In Few Words

The AllJapanesePass is not just a pass where only Japanese can pass through, it offers you, us, western folks a large collection of hardcore scenes of gorgeous cuties and heavy hardcore sex. This collection is not just big, it’s also authentic, since the DVDs are original in-Japan movies, and they are not made for export, so brace yourself for some things you wouldn’t see in the porn videos of western countries. There is an outstanding amount of scenes on the AllJapanesePass, and with the regular update schedule, and the fact that there are usually more than one file added on each occasion, you will find that being a member on this site is a very good thing.

How much costs enter the network AllJapanesePass?

  • 3 days at $1.00
  • 1 month at $49.99
  • 3 months at 39.99/month
  • 1 year at 19.99/month

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