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AboutGirlsLove provides a nice and exciting collection of lesbian amateur porn videos.


AboutGirlsLove Review

Website Intro

Sex means different things to everyone, everyone has varied preferences and desires when it comes to sex. What you like in bed, and what turns you on might be completely different from what another person likes. It means that that everyone in the world will never like the exact thing as you do, since we all have our own fancies and fetishes. And when it comes to our fetishes we are even more specific. More often than not it is hard to find what we want on the Internet, out of all the things that are easily available out there for us to find, because we are always looking for something really very specific. And even out of all that we are always looking for that extra something, where we know that something is taboo and when something isn’t meant for us, we want it even more and that is how everyone’s head functions.

We want to watch something that scandalizes our mind and that the same time really turns us on. Don’t amateur girls turn you on? They have smooth soft pussies that feel and smell like soft freshly plucked flowers and which taste oh so sweet. They have the perkiest boobs, almost untouched. And with all of this, you wouldn’t want to watch other men fucking them, or getting their hands on them. You want to see them maybe experimenting, with their friends and maybe with some kinky toys. You want to see them learn to give other girls orgasms as they discover each other’s bodies. There is really a website like that which lets you watch these amateur girls, experimenting and finding more about their sexuality.

AboutGirlsLove is a website which focuses exclusively on amateur sluts, who barely have any experience with sex forget with the entire porn industry. Most have these girls have never experimented with other girls before and that is obvious when you see the videos as these girls are shy when they start off and then slowly get into the groove, after which they turn really wild and things get very steamy. It’s a lesbian website which focuses just on girls masturbating by themselves, making out with each other and turning slumber parties into erotic group orgies. The website provides you with content that is exclusive with scenes that are sure to make your cock rock hard as soon as you enter the website. It’s a lot of girl on girl action that not only men will enjoy but so will lesbians as they would really be able to relate and fantasize with all the exploring that these girls are doing.

Website Layout

The website that has been created by AboutGirlsLove is really something very different as compared to all the other porn websites that you will see. The creators of this website decided to feel of the website fresh and vibrant. It almost feels like the website is out of a girl’s secret diary that she maintains with colorful pictures and designs. It absolutely gives you that very girly kind of feeling as soon as you enter this website.

The colors that are used give you that feeling, and add to that element of anticipation and excitement. And even though lots of wonderful colors have been used, the website doesn’t overwhelm you in any way, rather the colors harmonize with each other creating a cool effect. The main background color that has been predominantly used is this lovely shade of green and then the inner part of the website is like a spiral bound book which has all then content. So, this part of the page is green with bits of yellow and blue to give contrast to the color scheme. As soon as you enter the webpage you will see tight, pink pussies everywhere to welcome you. There are lots of pictures of girls sucking on each other’s boobs and licking each other’s pussies. These pictures will give you a good idea of what is in store for you and is sure to make you cock rock hard.

Website Content

The Website’s name really gives it all away. Yes, the website is filled with lesbian scenes that men and women alike will enjoy. All the scenes have storylines and lots of foreplay before these girls get into action. And when they do, all their initial inhibitions are dropped off making them even more adventurous and wild. You can tell that these girls really love sucking titties and licking that pussy while all the pussy juice flows out and into their mouth. They even use various toys and contraptions to make to other girl squirm and scream in pleasure. They have girls who are blondes, fiery red heads, brunettes and even dark haired girls at your disposal.

You can pick and choose between whomever you want. We have fiery red head Tia who is gorgeous to look at and her pretty blonde friend Tatyana. They love to make out with each other and this time they decide to film themselves POV style. POV is point of view so that means you get to view the whole video as though Tatyana is doing nasty things to you. I’m sure your cock is throbbing just at the thought of this! Most of the videos on this website are in full HD with brilliant sound. You can even download these videos in different resolutions depending on what you want. There are over 60 movies and 60 picture sets for you to view. The average length of these videos is around 14 minutes. You can ether download of view these picture sets. Also, there are around 140 pictures in each set. So, you can only imagine the kind of content that you have to view.

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In Few Words

AboutGirlsLove is the perfect lesbian site out there for both men and women, since they cater to everyone’s needs. It is hardcore enough but with enough story line. This is what makes this website really different. And along with all of this they even provide you with 33 bonus sites and bonus content! So, hurry and subscribe.

How much costs enter AboutGirlsLove site?

  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $7.50/month

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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