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On 88Square you can enjoy tons of exciting Asian chicks.


88Square Review

Website Intro

Long has there been the debate whether Asian ladies are demure and asexual, whether they lack creativity and are too shy to show their bodies on camera. Those are myths, largely fueled by the movie industry and news agencies. The real truth is that Asian girls are hot, creative, very sensual, and are willing to show some of the most erotic moves you can think of. Or how do you think China and India come to have the largest and second largest populations in the world, respectively? They have sex; hot banging sex! Asians are great and very skillful when it’s time to take on the bed and get some heat off.

Filipinos, Taiwanese, Thais, Chinese, Indian, Koreans, Malays, and other Asians have now come out to make their voice heard in the ever expanding porn world. 88square is a pioneer in featuring exclusive videos of some of the sexiest, most erotic, and daring Asian sex goddesses. Multiple review agencies have rated this site to be top and above any other in its category given the large number of photos and videos it has in its archives.

It’s a masterpiece of a website solely devoted to showing some of the best porn stars from Asia. And with one single pass giving you direct and unrestricted access to as many as 16 other related sites, you couldn’t have asked for a better bargain. This is the ultimate porn deal of the year. The daily network update ensures that all the pictures and videos uploaded unto the site stay fresh and relevant to the times, and also ensuring that you are not bored at any time at all.

These hot Asian models and superstars show off their cunts wet with dripping juices, their butts oiled and ready to rumble, their ass holes, wide from huge hard cock fucking, their boobs, round and fully matured; and their whole body, dazzling in erotic splendor. It’s a combination of what really makes erotica tick; what makes Asians at par with their European and American counterparts in respect to showcasing to the world some fantastic sex shows one could never conceive.

Becoming a member of 88square is simple; just subscribe with as little as loose change you dump in the closet, and have unrestricted access to nearly 800.000 high resolution photos shot with the best cameras and lighting equipment even Hollywood would be jealous of. This access also opens a world of amazing porn videos of the highest qualities shot with state-of-the-art HD cameras in different scenarios. These full length movies are well scripted, expertly directed, and professionally edited to meet the highest video standards in the world. Becoming a member sure has a lot of rewards to go with it.

Apart from proudly wearing the badge of honor as a partaker in the glory of 88square porn magic, you’ll also get full access to other similar sites in the network as well as unrestricted high speed downloads of the full length movies for keeps. Whether it’s mobile, tablet, or PC you have, there are no barriers to getting thousands of photos and videos downloaded into your personal archives for your pleasure later on. That is simply priceless; the knowledge that you have in store, some cute Asian porn stars sucking huge cocks, fucking deep into their ass holes, and many more, is truly a remarkable gift you should offer yourself.

Website Layout

Trust Asians when it comes to technology, they are the bomb! Little wonder the 88square website comes packed with amazing features that would not only aid you to have a great time watching, but would also help you easily download these high resolution and wonderful videos in the twinkle of an eye. The navigation tabs are clearly defined with the names and categories you may desire; the thumbnails, neatly arranged for you to click and get redirected to the full length movies in an instant, and even while you are watching, the site automatically updates, bringing in fresh models and videos for your viewing pleasure. Instant access to 88square means instant access in the actual sense of the word. There is no waiting period once your card is confirmed and subscription finalized; you instantly gain full access to all parts of the website – as well as its affiliates in the network.

Website Content

Asian girls from Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and a host of other countries are featured on 88square. The videos are so erotic and full of hardcore moves you would not believe that Asians can get so bold with these sex actions. Videos vary in length – some as little as 8 minutes and others as long as 30 minutes and even more. It all depends on what you want to see exactly. Same are the pictures too, they are all well stacked into nice galleries for particular porn stars you want to see. Some of the best Asian porn stars are featured here. The site boasts of pictures and videos of stars like Kieko, Jackie Lin, Sabrina, Yuki Mori, and hundreds of others too.

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In Few Words

Multiple reviews cannot be wrong; awards for quality and great content cannot be wrong; almost 800,000 pictures and well over 5.000 full length movies of Asian angels getting fucked left, right, and center cannot be wrong. With superb technology, world-class content, and the best porn stars Asia has to offer, you are sure this is the right porn website for you. Don’t wait another minute; take advantage of the great price and instant access offer right now to see the most exclusive shows of Asians getting their groove on as regards porn, cock, and fuck. Don’t miss out!

How much costs enter the 88Square site?

  • 1 month $29.95
  • 2 months $49.95
  • 3 months $69.95
  • 1 year $119.38

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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