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18Tokyo Review

Website Intro

Some people, especially those from the west, wonder how the Asians particularly Japanese women get fucked. How they look like, sound like and act like is a big mystery for most men. Well, fret no more since 18Tokyo will answer all your queries and clear up the myths about Japanese porn. 18Tokyo is all about elfin-like Japanese women with big boobies. Most of their partners are Japanese men too. So, what are the queries? It was believed that Japanese men or most Asian guys have a miniscule dick. Boom! This is not true. In 18Tokyo, you will see that Japanese men are blessed with above average dicks. Average size is like 4 inches for Asian men. These porn hunks from 18Tokyo are sporting 5 to 5 and a half inch cocks. Their Japanese sex buddies are sure delighted with that kind of “load” penetrating them and this is evident in all of the videos in 18Tokyo. Another issue is that Japanese men are passive. What a crock! They are not passive at all. In fact, they are one of the most aggressive men in the whole wide world when it comes to fucking and sex playing. In 18Tokyo, you will see how they please their women during foreplay with their fingers (have you seen a Japanese woman scream with too much pleasure?), their sex toys and whatever else they can get their hands on. After one or two orgasms, they ride their women as if there is no tomorrow. This is how they roll. At 18Tokyo, you will see that Japanese men are horny to the maximum level and they move with fierceness, in a very sexy way. Those are the partners of the models in 18Tokyo. Performance is the most important aspect when fucking – it is not just the size. Women, if you ask them, want a man who knows what he is doing rather than just having a 7 inch cock who has no clue on how to please a real woman. 18Tokyo is a place to learn PERFORMANCE. You may be able to learn from these dudes. Now, how about the 18Tokyo women? They are cute and absolutely horny. They do not moan. They do not contain themselves thinking that neighbors will hear them while they are being gang banged or ass fucked. No, they are not shy. 18Tokyo women are screamers; they want to feel their climax up to the last shivering moment. They don’t care if the whole neighborhood will hear. They even want others to join in the fun. You will see all that in 18Tokyo.

Website Layout

The design and entire look and feel of the website is excellent. This is in comparison with other porn sites. 18Tokyo is well-organized in terms of menu and other applications. The newest and hottest 18Tokyo videos are on top (about 1000 Japanese porn vids) of the page. There is also a quick access menu wherein shortcuts of the site can be clicked. The first heading is the HOME page. Next to that is the VIDEO collection of 18Tokyo. After that section, you will see the DVD movies selection of the 18Tokyo site. It also has the CATEGORIES heading which includes keywords like cumshot, amateur, threesome, hardcore and blowjob. The categories section has about 30 sub headings in 18Tokyo. But before the categories, there is a section there where you can read about the Japanese MODELS. You can get to know them one by one. You will also learn how a certain 18Tokyo model wants to be fucked. There are 338 models all in all. You will also see the network, support, tags and why us in the menu. The NETWORK section includes all the other “sister” sites of 18Tokyo – 24 sites all about Japanese porn. The TAGS heading has listed all the important keywords that you can click from A to Z – anal fingering, nipple pinching, wet pussy and more. You will also see the SUPPORT section where you can submit tickets and report issues that you are experiencing on 18Tokyo. On the WHY US, you will also read on how 18Tokyo is the ultimate Japanese porn site for you. Video Streaming is super quick; no lagging or buffering. 18Tokyo is also available in both desktop and mobile site. You can log in at any time without having to think about time limits. It is unlimited Japanese porn at 18Tokyo.Of course; the videos are in HD format. Updates are also being announced on the site regularly.

Website Content

Meet Maria Ozawa of 18Tokyo. She has the face on an angel and the body of a rock star. Her vital stats are: Bust 33 – Waist 23 – Hips 32. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall but a sex siren. She goes out almost every weekend, a different guy each and every time. At the end of the night, when guys fight over her, she sneaks out with one cute and unassuming Japanese dude who catches her attention – and we know what happens next; her hairy pussy is waiting for the hardened Japanese cock to pleasure her. Another one of the models in 18Tokyo is Rinon Miyazaki. Have you seen 50 Shades of Grey? Well, Rinon is 100 shades of Rinon. She wants to be bound while having sex and a partner who is not boring. Stick a big vibrator inside of her and she will like it more. That is Rinon. Sora Aoi wants to finger herself all the time – more dramatic, that is if she knows you are watching her. Here tits are amazing; pinching her pinkish nipples will surely make you go hard instantly. While being fingered, Sora attends to her clitoris. One orgasm is not enough for Sora. She wants more and more and more. These are just some of the girls in 18Tokyo. You will meet these girls and see them on the HD videos and excellent quality movies. Some were made at studio sets. Some were recorded in a private room. But the point here is 18Tokyo delivers the best Japanese porn videos with models that look like dolls. Literally, they look like dolls – creamy white skin, pinkish titties and pussies, tight butt and round breasts. You just wanna bite into them.

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In Few Words

There is no other network for Japanese porn that can best 18Tokyo. This has everything. They have about 5000 videos of pure Japanese porno only. If you are into beautiful dolls who gives out a shriek every time they are pumped, well, 18Tokyo is the only site for you. 18Tokyo is so nice – the way they presented the website. It is easy to navigate and use. The mobile version can view everything without cuts and featuring the models one by one made it a winner for many members. Why go to another network when all you want when it comes to Japanese porn is in 18Tokyo? Is it worth your money? Most definitely!

How much costs enter the 18Tokyo site?

  • 1 month $39.95
  • 3 months $25.99/month
  • 1 year $9.75/month

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